Dan Sinh Market

Dan Sinh Market in Ho Chi Minh City was once entirely dedicated to selling war relics and army related objects, from uniforms and objects carried by soldiers in their backpacks to shell casings and defused land mines. However, today it is mostly a hardware and souvenirs market, most of the things sold are modern-day reproductions, notably the Zippo lighters, don’t even expect to find an authentic one. You can still find an authentic item or two, but you would have to dig very deep and really know how to spot the real deal. The main stalls in Dan Sinh Market sell genuine or fake objects relating to the Vietnam War. One can find Zippo lighters, dog tags, shell casings, duffel bags, genuine and fake US army helmets, field stretchers and gas masks. One can also find Soviet army relics including Soviet flight suits and helmets which have become popular after the fall of communism in Eastern Europe. Besides military objects, the market also features a series of hardware shops that sell industrial and motor vehicles tools, nuts and bolts of all sizes, welding equipment, lights and forklifts. A few shops sell ladies clothing and kitchen utensils.

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