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√•View Map We are experienced tourguide group that work for travel company very long time in Ho Chi Minh city, Ha Noi city and the middle of Vietnam. We have experienced about Vietnam, local places where we visit everyday. We set up Vietnam Southern Tours in 2015 and make it online the early 2017. With our experiences we organize a trip for small group or private trip , we belive that the tour for private will make you more enjoyable trip than a big group with 40 -50 customers. You visit the south Vietnam, let you feel free to visit www.vietnamsoutherntours.com , maybe help you pick up a good trip, or help you more free travel information. Our sevices: * Adventure tour ( cycling trip) * Cyclo tour (small group) * Walking tour ( walking in Saigon) * Cruise ( Mekong river cruise) * Food tour ( small group) ….. We are very happy to serve you as our best friends. Website: www.vietnamsoutherntours.com Email: info@vietnamsoutherntours.com Map: view map Thank you! Enjoy your holiday!
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