Ha Noi Climate

Ha Noi Climate Typical weather of north Viet Nam, Ha Noi climate belongs to tropical monsoon temperature type: hot summer with high rainfall and cold winter, rare of rain.  Located in tropical zone, Ha Noi has abundant radiation around year. Average total of radiation is accounted to 122.8Lcal/cm2, sunshine hour is 1641 and annual temprature is 23.6ºC. June is hottest month and the temprature may reachs to 38ºC. The coldest month is recorded in January. Ha Noi receives relatively high humidity and rainfall. The average annually humidity is 79% and rainfall is 1,800mm a year. Ha Noi experiences four seasons a year. May to September are hot and rainy months. Dry winter lasts from November to March next year. Autumn and Spring are transition seasons of April to October. The weather changes follow four seasons, which contribute to diversified feature of Ha Noi’s climate.

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