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Saigon Zoo and Botanical Garden

Saigon Zoo and Botanical Garden The largest zoo and Botanical garden in Vietnam. Ranked the eighth oldest zoo in the world. Established in 1865 during the time Cochichina was part of French colony. Located in the middle of the bustling urban center D1, It is the home of 590 animals of 125 species and 1,830 trees and plants of 260 species, some of which are over 100 years old. This includes 20 species of orchid, 32 species of cactus and 34 species of bonsai. The botanical garden contains many species of rare and valuable plants such as species of cacti, ferns and plants that have been imported from Africa and America. The zoo has many kinds of mammals, reptiles, and birds such as: monkeys, tigers, leopards, lions, gibbons, deer, elephants, etc. many exotic species, some of which are seen in Vietnam for the first time, such as: Hippopotamus amphibius, Choeropsis liberiensis, Panthera onca, Struthio camelus, Phoenicopterus ruber. It also contains the Museum of Vietnamese History, which showcases Vietnamese History through all periods: Prehistoric Period (500,000 years ago to 2879 BC). Metal Age (2879–179 BC), including artifacts related to the Dong Son culture of northern Vietnam and the Sa Huynh culture of central Vietnam, Chinese Domination and Struggle for National Independence in the Red River Valley (179 BC – 938 AD) Stone and bronze sculptures and other artifacts of Champa, Stone sculptures of Cambodia (9th–12th centuries) and numerous exhibits from various Dynasties: Ngo, Dinh, Le, Ly, Nguyen of Vietnam, history of South Vietnam, and a monument to Vietnamese people who were killed in World War I.

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